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Methods of managing Job Site Inventory

A construction job site is always full of risks, equipments, working peoples and mess everywhere but contractor and workers have to work between them to finish the project on time. A contractor should be well organized and efficient to manage all kind of construction related work on time. In earlier days, it was a bit tough work as too much documents need to keep in order but now-a-days technology has made the work simpler and some of the technologies also useful to manage tools and braces.

It is true that a real managed organization can increase effective performance and decrease the cost and deliver a well ended project. A little mistake also makes a huge difference the plan and reality and increase the cost and time on any project. Though managing job site inventory is a must doing work yet many companies have no knowledge about it and even ignore this thing, as a result they faced many problems in the work site. Here are some tips on the topic of managing the job site inventory that would be helpful to figure out the actual need in job site.

• Keep every details and record updated: Contractors should have knowledge of each and every object and should keep a record of every material and kits that could be useful in the construction project.

Contractors also need to keep knowledge over the equipments which are needed for the project; the equipments and materials should be of good qualities and a little cheap at rate. The balance between cost and product is needed very much as good equipments will low the cost of maintain and besides that unnecessary paying for unnecessary resources should be cut down in the observation of the contractor in account of the projects’ quality.

• Bar Code and RFID Solutions: The second most known sources of managing a job site inventory is listing toward bar code and radio frequency identification or RFID. After that it mandatory to expect scanner equipment and software for combining the collected data with monitored inventory. It can simply managed by the construction companies, as they could use suitable bar code or RFID labels on materials and the identical scanner for keeping track on every detail. This kind of inventory management and scanner equipment can get from any kind of vendor but it will be easier in working with a company who knows the industry and familiar with wholesalers.

• Next generation scanners: This is a technical time and people use mobile devices for all kind of things and for inventory solutions, iPhones and Androids are the good supporters and give usage directions also. These devices are also multipurpose and many construction companies can use them for performing different tasks. If the software can become cheaper then a company can low their budgets and work more in the projects easily as the devices will work as scanners also.

• Managing Job Site Inventory with Mobile Apps: The scanner apps can be found now on both the iTunes and Google Play Markets and among them some are free and some are payable. The profit of these apps are that the cost of apps is cheaper than using an RFID service and a little cost of data exporting will be added with it. Here is the example of those apps: 1) Inventory Tracker for Android, 2) Inventory Tracking Sheet w Barcoding Mobile App and 3) Assorted Apps for Inventory.

Methods of managing Job Site Inventory

Till now Bar code and RFID systems are best way of managing the construction site inventory but there are some smaller construction companies also who will use mobile apps first of all.