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Tips to work out the materials for 5 inches thick brickwork

The brick walls contain various on a building floor. The thickness varies from 3 inches, 5 inches, and 10 inches.

Usually, 10 inches thick brick walls are constructed on the periphery and 5 inches thick brick walls are constructed in internal walls. 3 inches thick brick wall is seldom found on a building floor.

In the following steps, you will learn how to measure materials for 5 inches thick brick wall.

The following three materials are required to build up a 5 Inches thick brick wall :-

1. Bricks
2. Cement
3. Sand

Brick: First class bricks are utilized to construct brick walls. The standard size of bricks is 9½″ × 4½″ x 2¾″.

Cement: Portland cement is generally utilized in brickwork. The weight of a cement bag is 50 kilogram that is equivalent to 1.25 cubic feet.

Sand: Generally, medium sand is best suited.

To construct a brick wall, the above materials should be computed properly. For this purpose, initially, calculate the quantity of brickwork.

How To Calculate Brickwork:

Just obtain the length and height of a wall and then multiply both measurements.

In a building floor, several walls along with openings are found.

So, it is required to subtract the wall opening from the brickwork quantity to obtain the actual quantity of brickwork.

To obtain the actual quantity of brickwork, work out the necessary materials. The unit of brickwork will be in square feet.

Suppose, both the length and width of the brick wall is 10 feet.

Therefore, the quantity of brickwork for the wall :-
= 10’ x 10’
=100 square feet.

Guidelines To Measure Bricks For 5 Inches Thick Brick Wall

For this purpose, it is necessary to work out the volume of the brickwork and divide that volume with the volume of a brick with mortar.

Volume Of Brickwork Calculation

The volume of the estimated brickwork will be
= 100 sq.ft x 5″
= 100 sq. ft x 0.42 (5″ equal to 0.42 feet)
= 42 cubic feet

Calculation Of Volume Of A Brick With Mortar

The standard brick size is, 9½″ x 4½″ x 2¾″.

While developing a brick wall, generally ½” thick of mortar is used for jointing in between bricks. The size of the brick along with that mortar joint will be changed to 10″ x 5″ x 3″.

Therefore, the volume of a brick along with mortar :-
= 10″ x 5″ x 3″
= 0.83’x0.42’x0.25’
= 0.087 cubic feet.

Number of bricks = Volume of brickwork ÷ Volume of a brick (along with mortar)
=42 ÷ 0.087
=482 nos.

Mortar volume = brick wall volume – bricks volume.

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Tips to work out the materials for 5 inches thick brickwork