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Various steps associated with the manufacturing of concrete

Concrete refers to a useful construction material that is built up with a blend of cement, aggregate (sand or gravel), water and sometimes admixtures in necessary ratios. Described below the main steps which are associated with the manufacturing process of concrete:

Batching: This method is applied for calculating the various materials essential for the formation of concrete. Batching is generally performed in two different methods like volume batching and weight batching. Toward volume batching, the estimation is accomplished in the form of volume while for weight batching it is accomplished with the weight.

Mixing: Under this method, all the materials are mixed well in necessary ratios till the consistent color and uniformity is attained for the paste. The mixing is usually performed through two different methods like hand mixing and machine mixing. For obtaining superior quality concrete, the mixing of the materials should be initially accomplished in dry condition and after in wet condition.

Transportation and placement of concrete: As soon as the mixing is completed perfectly, newly produced concrete is then delivered to the construction site. Then, the concrete is properly arranged on the formwork. The concrete is transmitted to the location of the construction with different methods like manual transportation & mechanical transportation.

Compaction of concrete: Under this method, air bubbles are removed out of newly placed concrete as there may be air bubbles entangled in concrete when it is placed. The air bubbles can lessen the strength of concrete by 30%. Compaction is done to minimize the air bubbles. Compaction is usually accomplished in two ways: by hand or with the application of vibrators. The strength of the concrete can be raised by improving the bond with reinforcement.

Curing: Curing refers to the process with which the concrete retains its moisture for a specific time period to finish the hydration process. If the curing is not accomplished perfectly, the concrete strength will be affected significantly.

Necessary Curing days:
Ordinary Sulphate Resistant Cement – 8 Days.
Low Heat Cement – 14 Days.

Various steps associated with the manufacturing of concrete
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