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Low Cost Housing is the New Trend in Construction

Low cost housing with its loaded of advantages is catching the trend of construction very fast. This method has been boosted by governments of both developed and developing countries to make a proper environment of living, especially for the remotest areas. This involves using low cost materials for construction without leaving any corner of safety and security.

The houses are built on advanced and intelligent methods that distinguish from the conventional construction policies. These are cost-effective policies that rely on faster and cheaper ways of construction. Take an inside look of such construction pattern.

Load bearing structure: Generally, a load bearing structure has been used for construction rather than the traditional frame structure. It comes up with many benefits because it keeps you within a permissible budget and provides you with the best result. It comes up with so many construction benefits that outnumber the benefits of conventional one. These include:

? This process allows you to use less concrete and steel that reduces the cost eventually.
? It requires less time in construction that boosts the faster method.
? It provides a constructor with an easy method and the needed flexibility.

Foundation for low cost housing: Foundation of building covers 10% to 15% costs of a complete housing. So, the planning should be well-analyzed enough to keep it low cost housing. The challenge for constructors is keeping foundation strong and at the same time making the budget within the limit. The depth of foundation generally stays within 3-4 feet in the soil.

Hollow concrete blocks: Hollow concrete blocks are very useful for load bearing frames and they have come up with an array of benefits: this includes:

? They are cheaper than the stone bricks.
? They are lightweight and it helps workers handle them easily.
? They use a less amount of mortar.
? They are nature-friendly

Staircase for low cost housing - Precast staircase system is generally employed to reduce the cost of construction. The reasons behind using such staircase are:

? It has a cheaper construction cost.
? It does not need typical labor from workers.
? It can be simply placed.

Ceiling for housing: Filler slabs are used for constructing a ceiling of such houses where concrete is replaced by fillers like bricks, tiles, and cellular blocks.

Pre-fabrication of structural elements - Pre-fabrication of all foundational elements for construction reduces an expected amount of costs for construction. Pre-fabrication supports ready-made elements that can be brought and used as per the needs. You can get the things like:

? Materials for walls
? Roof and floor slabs
? Doors and windows

By following these ways, you can cut down the cost of construction to the minimum level. Low cost housing is a trend in these days since people are finding a cheaper option for their housing.

Low Cost Housing is the New Trend in Construction
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