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Isolated footing details & how to calculate the materials for this type of footing

Isolated footings alias pad or spread footings are mostly found in shallow foundations with the intention of conveying and distribution of concentrated loads resulting from columns or pillars. Isolated footings either comprise of reinforced or non-reinforced material. For the non-reinforced footing, the height of the footing should be larger to maintain the required spreading of load.

To apply Isolated footings, there should not be fluctuating settlements under the whole building.

Necessity of materials for Isolated Footing : The following materials will be utilized for building up a isolated footing -

? Shutter Material
? MS Rod
? Binding Wire
? Cover Block and Chair
? Concrete

Shutter Material for Isolated Footing: In isolated footing, generally wooden shutter materials are utilized. Often, steel shutter materials can also be applied.

This type of footing is utilized under the following conditions :-

? Columns are not arranged narrowly.
? Fewer loads enforce on footings.
? The safe bearing strength of the soil is usually extreme.

The Isolated footings basically comprise of a bottom slab. The following three basic types of bottom slabs are generally found :

? Pad footing (containing identical thickness)
? Stepped footing (with non uniform thickness)
? Sloped footing (trapezoidal section)

The Design of Isolated Footing: The design of isolated footing is created to determine the followings -

? Area of footing
? Thickness of footing
? Reinforcement Details of footing with a satisfying moment and shear force consideration.
? Verify the development length and shearing stresses.

All these things are accomplished based on the loads on footings, safe bearing capacity (SBC) of the soil, grade of concrete and Steel. Minimum cover provided to main reinforcement shall not be under 50mm on the surface of the meeting point with the earth face. The diameter of main reinforcement should not be under 10mm.

To learn how to calculate the materials for isolated footing, go through the following article

Isolated footing details & how to calculate the materials for this type of footing