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HydroCalculator ? Assess Dam Projects Accurately

HydroCalculator, designed by Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF), is a tool used in assessing a dam project. The innovation focuses on some important factors of a dam construction that include the net economic value of a dam, green house gas emission factor, time needed for a project giving the profit, and more.

It is the first-of-a-kind tool that comes up with a great level of expectation from the environmentalists and economists. From the beginning, the environment factor of a dam construction has been overlooked due to many reasons. But, CSF has come up with some unavoidable reports citing that it has a direct connection with the environment both positively and negatively.

Since hydropower has been regarded as one of the known, renewable sources of energy, promoters across the world are showing interest in building dams. These projects ignore the socio-economic factor and this leads to grave damages on the environment and the society.

Green house gas emission by dam constructions: Green house gases are released in a great amount because of the submerged soil and rotting vegetation. This is why dam construction is involved in the emission of green house gases resulting in deterioration of the environment. This is why a calculator is needed to measure the impact to the society.

HydroCalculator goes numerous tests before getting approved for the larger use. This tool analyses many dam projects and has summed up the analysis as many construction processes impose inescapable threats on the eco-system. Studies also prove that the outcome of this tool has similarities with the real situation. It works on the fact rather than measuring a mere prediction.

Another ignored factor in this course is the emission of methane, which is considered to be far more potent than CO2 is. Scientists have clearly showcased that the release of green house gases, especially CO2, to avoid the global warming issue.

How to use the Tool: This tool is available online for free. Users need to fill up details as mentioned. It needs key project data to calculate and assess a dam construction. The information includes the size of the possible flooded area, the type of submerged vegetation, the cost of the project, dam?s generating capacity, the price of the electricity that is to be sold.

It is no denying that Hydropower is an important renewable energy, and it goes through a complex process to generate the profit. This tool helps you bring out the environmental and socio-economical factor of building a dam.

Bio-diversity and the dam construction have been linked directly or indirectly. It deteriorates the aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. It also reduces water minerals and sediment flow. To erase the issue and know how your project works in the society, calculate the socio-economic factor of the construction and count the profit margin with HydroCalculator.

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HydroCalculator ? Assess Dam Projects Accurately