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How to layout plan efficiently for a construction site

In a construction project, there should be proper planning for site layout. The construction site will be the main workplace for developing the building projects. The purpose of planning the construction site layout is to create and optimize working environment effectiveness and secure construction activities.

The construction site space is the most vital resource that impacts other resources like money, time, material, labor and equipment.

With the use of various computer-aided programs, the construction managers will be able to plan and visualize a construction site to make superior communications. The planners make site plan by hand till now.

The following factors should be taken into consideration while preparing the construction site layout plan.

Security, Space available, Site accommodation and welfare facilities, Temporary services like water, drainage, power and Access to the site, impact on traffic.

Storage of materials:

Plant: Based on the nature of the contract and the degree of mechanical plant being utilized provision should be made to facilitate the free operation of dumper trucks, excavators, etc. along with the bases for tower cranes.

The sequence of site operations

Construction Site Layout Analysis Tools: There are three major tools like the space analysis, facility allocation and path selection which are useful planning sites.

Space Analysis– construction site space visibility, accessibility and safety.

Facility Allocation – temporary facilities like site offices, workshops and storage areas.

Path Selection – a mixture of distance, safety measures, destination location on the site.

The layout of the site is mainly based on its location. On a overcrowded city centre site that is encircled by busy roads and other buildings, it is essential to store the site accommodation for footprint curtailment.

If probable, the site accommodation should be arranged on areas that will ultimately be landscaped and as adjacent to the site entrance as possible. For refurbishment contracts, if feasible, some portion of the existing building should be used for accommodation.

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How to layout plan efficiently for a construction site