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How to design combined strap footing

In foundation development, footings play a major role. They are generally built up with concrete having rebar reinforcement that is poured on an excavated trench. The main objective of footings is to provide support to the foundation as well as examine settling.

Continuous Footing: A wall footing or strip footing belongs to a continuous strip of concrete that aids in dispersing the weight of a load-bearing wall over an area of soil. It is the constituent of a shallow foundation.

A strap footing is the part of a building’s foundation. It has similarity with combined footing, that comprises of two or more column footings attached with a concrete beam. This type of beam is known as a strap beam. It facilitates to allocate the weight of either heavily or eccentrically loaded column footings to the footings nearby.

A strap footing is frequently applied together with columns which are situated along a building’s property or lot line.

Generally, columns are placed in the center of column footings, following the conditions that the columns are positioned directly near the property line, the column footings may be offset in order that they do not encroach onto the nearby property.

This leads to an eccentric load on a part of the footing, motivating it to tilt to one side. The strap beam controls the trend of the footing to overturn by relating it to the adjacent footings.

How to design combined strap footing
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