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Step-by-step guidelines for designing a staircase

Detailed guidelines for designing a staircase:

1. Width of Stair: It should not be under 1.00m.
2. Length of flight: The number of steps in a single flight should not be in excess of 12.
3. Pitch of the stair: It should have been amongst 25o to 40o
4. Width of landing: It should have been 150mm, in excess of the width of stair.
5. Winders or kite steps: If required odd shaped steps must be circumvented. They should be arranged at the beginning of a stair.
6. Han-rails: It?s height must be between 750 to 850 mm from the top of corresponding step or landing.
7. Step proportions: The size of rise and tread in a stair must be identical during the entire stair.

Given below, the desired ratios during the design process:
i) Residential buildings-Tread=250 mm
Rise=160 mm
ii) Public buildings - Tread=300 mm
Rise=150 mm

iii) Industrial buildings, Railway station,
etc tread=not below 250 mm
=250 to 300 mm
Rise=not below 150 mm
=150 to 190 mm

Step-by-step guidelines for designing a staircase

Go through the following link to download the structural drawing of the staircase