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Greenbook Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction

Greenbook Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction By Public Works Standards, Inc.

This unique book gives approved standards for all types of public works construction - from the depth of paving on roads to the adhesive used on pavement markers. The "Greenbook" standardizes public works plans and specs to provide guidelines for both cities and contractors so they can agree on construction practices used in public works and has been adopted by over 200 cities, counties, and agencies throughout the U.S.

This 2012 Edition is the 16th edition, which is updated and republished every three years. In each of the two years between publication of a new Greenbook edition, the changes which have been researched and approved by the committee during the preceding year, are published in pamphlet form as amendments to the current edition. This program maintains a "living" document in public works specifications. Stripes in the margin of each new edition point out significant changes in the text adopted since the preceding edition.

The Greenbook consists of six parts: General Provisions, Construction Materials, Construction Methods, Alternate Aggregate Materials, Pipeline System Rehabilitation, and Modified Asphalt Products.

It is designed to aid in furthering uniformity of plans and specifications accepted and used by those involved in public works construction and to take such other steps as are designed to promote more competitive bidding by private contractors. The Greenbook provides specifications that have general applicability to public works projects. The Greenbook does NOT test or approve products. It is the function of public agencies and private project owners that utilize the Greenbook to determine whether products proposed by a contractor satisfy the Greenbook specifications or the Special Provisions.

  • Author: Public Works Standards, Inc.

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