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Details of Grade beam and it’s estimation process

Grade beam is generally built on neck column. The objective of this type of beam is to attach two or more column together.

The grade beam bears the load from ground floor slab and transmits to the column.

The grade beam performs as horizontal ties among footings or pile caps. They are reinforced with continuous reinforcement that is formed inside or away from the supported column, or be fastened within the pile cap or footings according to ACI 318-14.

Although a grade beam is cast on soil, literally it is developed to extent from pile to pile not taking into account the soil below the beam for bearing. So, the longitudinal reinforcement is the most important flexural reinforcement in a grade beam in contrast to the spread footing. The transverse rebar ties are employed for shear reinforcement.

Concrete Grade Beam Construction Method - The following steps are included in erecting the concrete grade beam:

1. Formation and excavation for grade beam
2. Grade beam formwork set up
3. Placing reinforcement of grade beam
4. Pouring concrete for grade beam

How to measure concrete volume for Grade Beam - The following structural drawing sheets are required for calculation purpose.

• Grade beam layout
• Cross-sectional dimension of grade beam
• Column layout
• Cross-sectional dimension of column

Grade Beam Layout: This sheet of structural drawing demonstrates how to set grade beam on column.
Column Layout: In column layout, the length of beam is given and it is essential to measure the concrete volume of grade beam.

To obtain the grade beam length, it is necessary to work out the distance among the columns.

The cross-sectional dimension of column is also required for measuring the concrete volume of grade beam.

To measure the concrete volume of GB1 you’ll need following data

• Cross sectional dimension of grade beam
• Length of grade beam
• Cross sectional dimension of column
• Height of column

Sometimes, the length of grade beam is demonstrated on the reinforcement detailing layout sheet of grade beam in structural drawing.

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Details of Grade beam and it’s estimation process