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Formwork For Stairs Of Concrete

It is a temporary device and it plays an important rule to form the design of reinforced concrete stairs.

How to do the formwork?

Workers must have patience, knowledge, construction material, and necessary tools to do the formwork for stairs.

The technical part of the product design:

1. At first workers have to create a drawing of the building formwork. They also have to know the location of the design and the calculated load on the suspension.
2. They also have to calculate the quantity of consumables, preparation tools and the equipment.
3. Prepared by edged boards 25-30 mm.
4. Waterproof plywood – 20 mm.
5. Rebar is ribbed in a diameter of 10-20 mm.
6. Bars with a cross section of 10 10 mm.

All parts of the design should be stykovanii and customized to each other without any variety of slots and recesses. To fix the assembly workers have to use screws.

The construction tools

a. The level of customization of products.
b. Plumb.
c. Mechanical hand saw or jigsaw electric.
d. Drill bits or screwdriver set.
e. Hammer.

Before using these tools they must have to check the serviceability of all the tools.

The formwork for stairs

1. Workers have to prepare the two side boards which are 20 cm wide, to make the future degree.
2. They have to fix with screws the bars, which will be based pod stupenki;
3. When they narrow, the march will be enough to use 40 mm thick boards.
4. They have to strengthen the construction of an additional focusing.

Installation of the formwork

a. The places where there will be stairs, workers have to make the layout of the walls.
b. After that they have to markup in bold marker, must not forget the thickness of the cladding material.
c. They have to attach to the wall 15 cm nails wooden rails of I-beam for formwork.
d. Installed the rack, locking them in concrete.
e. Workers have to stack the formwork of boards, put the material of roofing and sand the ends.
f. After that, they have to create the reinforcement, twisted rods with the wire.
g. Then they have to start the processing steps. Next they have to take the Board and fasten them to the wall using dowels.
h. Workers must have watched very carefully the right side of the Assembly against the intermediate edge metal corners. The shotgun fastens long nails.
i. Now the building level measures all planes to correct errors.
j. Finally if it is done correctly, workers have to fill the product with concrete.

Formwork for the spiral type staircase

1. They have to stand from bars with cross sections of 100 by 100 mm in the interval 40-60 cm.
2. The weight of the formwork and the rebar has to support the design and they must avoid the irregularities and the formation of the air locks.
3. They also have to consider the 3 m beam 100 by 100 mm so that they can hold a weight of 150 kg.
4. Then they have to calculate the number of the props. To increase the design they can also install the crossbar.

Types of formwork

Mobile: This tool can be used many times. This is the most affordable in construction area for manufacturing of the frame for the stairs.

Wooden floor: This type of formwork is placed over the board. They must be connected tightly and there is no space between them. After fixing this additional or extra wooden wedges are required.

The work on establishment of the formwork for many types of ladders should be completed in a proper way.

a. To gather the structure.
b. Making the reinforcement frame staircase.

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Formwork For Stairs Of Concrete