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How to Install a Floating Staircase

In every building, staircase is an essential and functional element which is used by each and every person of a building throughout the day. Though they don’t have to be only beautiful rather they have to be beautiful or smart looking also.

In past days, there was just only one type of staircase for every home but now-a-days there are many types of staircases seen in the construction industry like a floating staircase or a wooden round staircase or an iron sliding staircase etc.

Adding a floating staircase in a home is a way to make the home or building unique as it makes the building attractive with modern or minimalist décor.

In this article, we are going to discuss about some types of staircases and their uses in buildings :-

Floating Staircases: There are many types of staircases found in floating staircase; generally typical floating staircases have no visible riser and no decorative form of any type. Also these staircases have no planks as staircases having planks are exposed and visible.

The steps on these staircases are often made of wood but sometimes they also can be made of clear glass or plastic designed specifically for stairs or steel.

These staircases are best to use in large areas where they can make a visual statement as they are striking, open and airy.

Wall attachments: The most normal and minimalist type of floating stair is wall attached stairs as there are no planks, both the steps and the wall attachments have to be very strong.

The wall nails must be strong also and can be double, the steps can be driven into the wall itself or can be attached with a bracket beneath the step; a plank can be hidden in the wall.

Stringers or planks: Some types of floating staircases have planks which are easier to attach; they attached to one wall or can run along to the middle of the steps. But as they run along the straight walls sometimes it become difficult to make calculations and installation harder.

Handrails: Handrails are not at all needed in staircases as they make stairs dangerous.

How to Install a Floating Staircase