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Essential Contract Documents for every Construction project

A fix contract document is needful in construction project and is the basic step for a successful project in any building object. It is generally a list of the documents which is a part of every construction contract and many other things are also there with this list.

1. Contract Agreements and Contracts: Contracting officer or owner and the contractor make this agreement and this is an important element of the contract documents and main of all the documents as other documents attach with it afterwards.

2. Statement of Work: A work statement should be made with clear agreements, clear bidding process and well-defined work schedules which will be agreed by both the parties. A well defined statement makes the working process easier and keeps the bonding strong and peaceful between the owner and the contractor.

3. General conditions: It specifies the duties for discharging of the project which is the right of every party and in this contract the overall project costs, claims and authorizations should be added.

4. Special conditions: These kinds of conditions are a kind of progress of the whole contract and an addition to the general conditions. Under these conditions there will be some unquestionable conditions and clauses which are applicable for every project. These special conditions need extra attention and observation so that the work can be performed well.

5. Bill of Quantities: In this list there are different trades and materials as a part of construction and it is essential for contracting officer.

6. Drawings: All contracts have a set of drawings which are the recent look of a building and must be approved by the contractor or the sub-contractor before the project starts. These drawings should be formed entire project and all kind of details about the project.

7. CSI Master Format Outline: It is mainly technical necessity for completing, executing and performing each and every little detail in the construction project. CSI Master Format Outline adds information in the drawings, confirms the common standards, defines differences and keep list of the detailed materials which will require in future.

8. Construction Schedule: Construction schedule keep the track of the project and through this contracting officer will get the knowledge about the timing and process of completing the project. But this schedule should be keep updated as a part of application of payments.

9. Costs in the Construction Industry: It is the basis of the application for the payment and it is also a failure of all items in the construction project. This cost varies as per project and individual project.

Essential Contract Documents for every Construction project

10. Common Construction Insurance: It is a kind of guarantee for the owner that confirms that the contractor will give an economic backup for working under the terms of the construction contract. It has certain types of coverages, right bondage and all kind of insurance protections for the owner, contractor and third parties.

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