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November 2019 Brings Eight Top Construction Projects in US

This winter is snowing new building projects all over the US of A. From small houses and shops to major residential, offices, and retail we are seeing a lot of developments starting in the last couple of months. Especially, the last month, November 2019, has seen the start of a few major and important building projects.

We will highlight eight of the most important such projects today. These large projects are not only creating a lot of jobs, but also they are by their very nature can influence the market greatly. Their large volume and the need for sustainable enterprises mean they can and do seriously sway the total dollar and square footage volumes. Not to mention the amount of supporting industries that are required to make the project come about will see a major uptick for each of these projects.

Let us move on to the list of the most important 8 American construction projects starting in late 2019 without further ado.

1. Bankside Development Phase 1

On 21st November 2019, Brookfield Properties announced their opening of a mixed-use construction project along the waterfront in the South Bronx’s Mott Haven neighborhood. The project, named Bankside Development, is construed to be built in two phases, and this is the first phase only.

Spreading over the expensive 4.3-acre New York site, the project is designed to provide 1350 apartments. Though the area is for the higher-income parties, 30% of the total residentials will be under the Affordable New York program targeted for the lower-income bands. The apartments will have a permanently unobstructed view of the Manhattan area.

Divisionally located at 2401 Third Avenue and 101 Lincoln Avenue, the project is expected to end by late 2021. Hill West Architect designed seven towers in the project interconnected by low-rise elements. A new public waterfront park of more than 34000 sqft will frame the entire complex on the Harlem river shoreline, seeking to create a naturalized landscape with varieties of custom seating and an abundance of greenery.

November 2019 Brings Eight Top Construction Projects in US

2. Pennsylvania Station Extension

New York is set to witness the development of another mega project this year and the next. Amtrack, the railroad giant, is investing around $90 million for an expansion of the Pennsylvania Station. The 108-year old historic landmark will go through renovations of existing platforms and the construction of an additional platform. There will also be additional construction around the station.

Located at 234 West 31st Street, the project is being developed by Empire State Development Corporation and is meant to be completed in 14 months.

November 2019 Brings Eight Top Construction Projects in US

3. Valley Hospital Main Campus Relocation

The Valley Hospital is changing location from Ridgewood to Paramus in the coming years. The new base between Route 17 and the Garden State Parkway is 20 acres large and will home the new Valley Hospital premises. It will house 372 beds in a 910000 square feet building, built with full compliance with local building codes and safety parameters.

The construction is projected to take as long as three and a half years and eat up over seven hundred million dollars. But it will so create new jobs and supporting industries and retail in the area. Expected to open in 2023, the hospital building may be as high as seven stories. The original facility at Ridgewood will remain open to providing general outpatient services and ER.

November 2019 Brings Eight Top Construction Projects in US

4. Teijin Carbon Fiber Production Facility

The Japanese carbon fiber manufacturer Teijin Limited has started constructing a carbon fiber production facility worth 600 million USD in Greenwood, South Carolina. This facility is being advertised as “the largest initial capital investment by a company in the county’s history”.

Teijin had acquired Continental Structural Plastics back in 2016, and since then they have produced a number of challenging products in the automotive composite products market, including the first-ever entirely carbon fiber truck bed for the 2019 GMC Sierra Denali. The market for their products has been steadily increasing.

According to Teijin’s marketing executives, South Carolina’s pro-business environment is what attracted them to Greenwood into making this plant. The facility is expected to provide over 200 jobs and supporting retail and other improvements in the area. It would be a giant step in global transportation as well when the carbon fiber manufacturing plant begins processing at about the middle of next year.

November 2019 Brings Eight Top Construction Projects in US

5. Google Data Center in New Albany

On 3rd November Ohio came into this list with the new Google Data Center worth $600 million. The Columbus suburb in New Albany has already been a hub for tech giants like Facebook and Amazon, and now Google steps in as well. The project is a part of Google’s $13-billion plan of expansion throughout the US. They broke ground on first November at 1101 Beech Rd SW.

While we still don’t know the size of the facility or the number of workers it will need, we can report that the project site is about 440 acres and thus it should be quite a large one, knowing google. This would require lots of electricity and fiber optics, so supporting industry development is looking good for the project. The construction work is undertaken by Holder Construction and is expected to end within the first few months of 2021.

November 2019 Brings Eight Top Construction Projects in US

6. Chicago Union Station Redevelopment

Riverside Investment & Development Company has started the optimization and commercial development of the Chicago Union Station at 225 Canal Street. The $1 billion worth project had started awkwardly with many revisions and changes, however, now the plans are finalized and construction has begun on the redevelopment of the station and surrounding Amtrack Property.

The project will include the construction of a single-story penthouse on top of the historic headhouse and it will convert the unoccupied upper level into hotel rooms. It also includes the development of a new 700-foot office tower booked by BMO Financial Group to the south of the train depot. The whole project is expected to be finished within 2022.

November 2019 Brings Eight Top Construction Projects in US

7. Nobles 2 Wind Project

In Minnesota, the winds are changing for the sustainable green energy situation. Tenaska, the renowned independent energy company from Omaha has anchored $158 million for a wind turbine farm in Wilmont, Nobles county. The project will see 74 wind turbines supplied by Vestas generating up to 250 megawatts of power. The engineering and construction are being carried out by Mortenson.

Set to start delivering energy in 2020, the wind farm is being built under a 20-year power purchase agreement with Minnesota Power. The project will create around 230 new jobs at peak construction time and may take up to 15 person manpower to run the project. Additionally, local goods and services providers will also benefit greatly in supporting the development.

November 2019 Brings Eight Top Construction Projects in US

8. Apple Campus in North Austin

On November 20, Apple began an expansion to New Austin, Texas with its new 3-million square-foot campus to manufacture the new Mac Pro, said to be the most powerful Apple device so far. The facility will require huge manpower to run, as high as 5000 heads, including electrical, electronics, software and hardware engineers and assemblers, and its expected to grow three times bigger.

Investing a billion dollars in the development, Apple will work with the local Bartlett Tree Experts to preserve the local geographical and historical significance of the area and to develop the premises as green as possible. The facility is said to run one hundred percent on renewable energy, too. Located at the West Parmer Lane and McNeil Rd, the campus is expected to open doors in 2021.

November 2019 Brings Eight Top Construction Projects in US