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Digital Construction ? Start Planning the Smart Cities

Digital Construction ? the term has been successful to create the needed noise in the construction sector with all good reasons. It rings the bell of a new era where conventional methods will gradually replace with the digital tools. The definition is simple as you guess. It is the application of digital tools that ensure better and faster work for the built environment. The term is spreading swiftly and every company shows interest in investing the amount for the digital construction.

It is true that most of the work in the construction field is done manually. But certain work needs improvement and a better communication. Digital construction denotes those areas that have not flourished the way they should be. The concept signifies that you will get the desired result in every phase of the construction.

Forms: The forms of digital construction are hard to sum up in one sentence. Many factors involved in the construction define the forms of digital construction. It ranges from the application of a simple tool to the use of technologies that reduce the travel time like slack, Whatsapp, Skype, and more. The forms may be termed as the enhancement or automation of the conventional construction technologies and manufacturing processes, such as advancement in materials and plants, cloud computing system, and facilities management.

But the digital construction is even bigger than that. It points out a proper and creative application of cutting-edge technologies like Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drones) for inspecting sites and ensuring work quality. Drones are using in the construction like never before. They enhance the productivity and maintain a smooth work flow.

Cultural shift: The cultural shift is clearly visible in the construction field that allows the new-age technologies to enter and modify the process of the bygone era. These technologies are more organized and systematic to point out each necessary field that constructors overlooked in the past. They build a constructive theory from the data collected on the job site and acknowledge them in a measured way. The huge application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a proof that cultural shift has already hit the construction sector.

Now, these technologies go beyond their expected limit and open up new possibilities with the terms like BIM level 3, big data and smart cities. The built environment has seen an array of changes with the time to emerge as the faster developing field.

Relevant Terms Will Prevail: Digital construction is a confusing and broad concept that includes many small and big details. The definition of the term will differ as per your role and contribution in the industry. What is advanced is usable ? this holds no sense. Apply only those technologies that make your work better and improve the quality.

Digital construction has been growing its popularity with the time. Construction companies are catching the term with interest to gain bigger in their business. The idea is still in its initial phase and it has potential to change the world of construction inside out.

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Digital Construction ? Start Planning the Smart Cities