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Brief overview of different types of Truss and Frame Structures

Some of the most common structures found around us range from buildings & bridges. Besides, these one can also categorize various other objects as "structures." The examples of which are given below :-

The space station
Chassis of your car
Your chair, table, bookshelf etc. etc.

As for example: Almost everything contains an internal structure and can be supposed to be a "structure".

The construction article will facilitate you to work out the forces which are transferred by these structures in order that it becomes possible for an engineer to determine whether the structure has the capability to withstand these forces or not.

Recall: External forces: "Loads" operating on your structure.

Note: It comprises of "reaction" forces from the supports too.

Internal forces: Forces that arise inside each structure that maintain the various parts of the structure organized.

The internal forces can be found in the different types of structures which are given below :-
Trusses, Frames, Machines

Trusses are mostly utilized in Steel buildings and bridges. A truss is defined as a structure that contains the following :-

All straight members, Joined collectively with pin joints, Joined only at the ends of the members, and all external forces (loads & reactions) should be used only at the joints.

Note: Each member of a truss is a 2 force member.
It is assumed that the Trusses carry minor weight (related to the loads they carry)

Brief overview of different types of Truss and Frame Structures
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