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Details of RCC column construction

By going through this exclusive civil engineering tutorial, you will learn the detail construction process for RCC columns.

Normally, the columns are constructed with the following materials :-

1. Cement
2. Coarse Aggregate
3. Fine Aggregate
4. Steel Bar
5. Water
6. Shuttering

The following precautions should be taken in RCC column construction process :-

The length of the tor iron bar should be 10 – 15 cm as with column height.

Square frame should be attached with a spacing of 25 mm (1”).

The shape of the square frame should be rectangular and should be tied from outside of all 4 rods.

Arrange all necessary concrete in one batch.

Arrange some concrete in mould (wooden plates attached with each other in exact angles).

Curing should be started after minimum 2 hours.

The construction of RCC columns is based on the following four phases - Column Layout Work, Column Reinforcement Work, Column Framework, Pouring Concrete into column formwork

Column Layout Work – Under this, the position of columns are set in the jobsite practically. It is accomplished by putting rope as per the grids provided in the drawing and then the columns are marked in regard to rope.

Column Reinforcement Work – As soon as the position of the column is marked properly, the reinforcement should be arranged according to the instructions in the structural drawing. It is normally demonstrated in the drawing as (C1-12#16mmØ and stirrup – 10mmØ@4” c/c). It signifies that in first column 12 bars with 16mm dia are used along with stirrup having 10mm dia in the spacing of 4 inches center to center.

Column Formwork – It is applicable for structure which are applied to provide support to forms or molds for poured concrete columns. It is simple as a reinforced cardboard tube for small cylindrical columns or very complicated forms built up from several pieces of wood & metal.

Pouring concrete into column formwork - Machine mix concrete is ideal for small quantity of concrete volume and for large quantity of concrete, ready mix concrete should be used. While utilizing moving pump with ready mix concrete, if it is required not to surpass 5 feet height range for dropping concrete, the task becomes very difficult.

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Details of RCC column construction