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Details of Hidden Beam

Hidden beam alias concealed beam is arranged in slab and generally contains a depth greater than the slab it is erecting. A hidden beam contains the similar thickness as the slab. It is unseen once the concrete is poured since it is reinforced independently from the slab and contains stirrups and longitudinal bars just as a normal beam.

Hidden beams are usually implanted inside the suspended slabs where slab thickness is important.

If the cantilever beam exists with a hidden beam, it fails to function as a pure beam and will only disperse the loads over the slab area and it can?t be treated as simply supported one.

Hidden beam is provided to enhance the look of the structure and circumvent beam offsets in slab retaining it's strength and structural design unchanged.

The hidden beams are mostly found in high rise multi-storied residential and commercial buildings, where falls ceiling exist.


Hidden beams are mainly utilized for different purposes :-

1. To distribute loads on the supporting slab.
2. To rupture a broad panel of slab to substantial size.
3. To retain maximum floor height.
4. To clear the way for electromechanical duct work.
5. To make architectural aesthetic look better by arranging neat and leveled ceiling surface.


1. It saves floor height clearance.
2. It facilitates to develop a brickwork over the slab.
3. It is cost-effective since it saves cost of materials, formwork, and labor.
4. It provides elegant aesthetic interior appearance.

Details of Hidden Beam