Construction Cost Estimating


Details of concrete foundation

A multifaceted EMMA is utilized for any 'mass' activity that entails a physically computable unit of construction work scope measured in tens, hundreds or thousands. As for instance, big earthmoving or excavation works; the setting up of underground piping systems (eg drainage or water reticulation); a network of roads & paving; concrete foundations & structures; buildings & finishes; or boundary security fencing etc.

The EMMA consists of 3 'pages alias 'INPUT' (elementary data that should have been entered so that EMMA can function), 'TABLES' (Spreadsheets created for entering target & actual progress percentages, man hours etc), and 'CHARTS' (Where the spreadsheets which are entered demonstrated as S-curves & histograms). The EMMA is utilized for the following purposes:

a. to put up a target rate of progress (S-curve);
b. to put up an estimate of man-hours, transformed to manpower requirements (histogram);

c. to record units calculated as complete every month;
d. to record man-hours spent every month, thus automatically matching the genuine rate of progress and genuine utilization of manpower, with planned rates.
e. besides, unacceptable trends can therefore be recognized and work re-scheduled, together with automatic adjustments to manpower requirements.

It will result in accomplishing target completion.

Preliminary requirements for inputting are:

a. the total quantity measured;
b. meaning of the unit (eg m3);
c. valuation of man-hours necessary per unit;
d. the average number of working hours every day;
e. the average number of working days every week.

Subsequently, inputting should be compliant with notes provided. NOTE: To make EMMA functional, values should be entered to all lines in Sheet 2 TABLES, from Month 1.

Utilization of an EMMA will be of certain interest to anyone having liability for obtaining a work scope package that is accomplished on or before schedule.

Details of concrete foundation