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Definition and benefits of column kicker

Column Kicker belongs to a small concrete step that is applied at the bottom of columns or walls to retain proper coordinates of columns or walls among floor slabs. There, column kicker is arranged at all the positions where columns or walls are built up. Once the construction of kicker is finished, then the formwork of columns or slabs should be set instantly to maintain perfect column base alignment and location.

Dimensions and Formwork of Column Kicker

The depth of column kicker varies from 50mm to 150mm and its width and length will be similar to the column for which the kicker is built up. The optimal height of column kicker should be 150mm since it arranges good structural start for column or wall.

In building structure, the depth of kicker under 150mm is not recommended. If the depth of kicker is in excess of 150mm, then it is like to slump with the weight of concrete in them.

Once the formwork of column kicker is set, then fresh concrete is arranged monolithically with the slab.

Benefits of Column Kicker

? Retains column and wall dimension among slabs
? Resist the movement of longitudinal reinforcement of columns
? Allow for keeping the vertical alignment of column
? Make the installation of column formworks easy to accelerate the speed of construction.
? It makes sure the provision of designated column concrete cover

Drawbacks of Column Kicker: There are chances for developing the joints at the bottom of columns or walls. For this reason it is often removed, and suitable methods are applied to set up column and wall shuttering. But the risk of errors is raised if kickers are not applied.

Definition and benefits of column kicker