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How to Prevent Defects in Painting

Painting is art of visualization. You as a painter have to make the visualization perfect. Otherwise your painting would be defective. There are few flaws in a painting make sure you are avoid this flaws to become a good artist to best.

Types of defects in the painting

1) Fading
2) Loss of Gloss
3) Brush Marks
4) Patchiness
5) Low Coverage


Reason: Fading is happened when color lose his pigments. It can be happened in two reasons if your painter does not painted properly or light color pressurized by extreme cold and heat weather.


  • Light color paint
  • Using ultra violet resistant paint
  • Proper maintenance

Loss of Gloss

Reason: Loss of gloss occurred when low primer is implemented with poor ventilation of room. Sometimes painter used the double coat primer too soon not allowing the first coat to die down.


  • Top coat finishing
  • Follow the instruction of paint suppliers

Brush marks

Reason: Brush marks visible after the final coat if you use the surface too much. Due to extreme heat and pressure it causes rapidly so use the painting properly not thick nor thin.


  • Use the paint evenly and quickly
  • Use high quality brushes


Reason: Patchiness happened when coloring is uneven. It happens due to lack of paint plus putting is not fully dry.


  • Use more paint
  • Fill up the cracks using high quality putty

Low coverage

Reason: When paint is so thin on vertical surface the force of gravity is too much for paint to resist. In a winter country happens most where temperature is too low to solvent prone paint.


  • Use latex primer
  • Use large brush. Roller would be much better

If you want to make your construction an art of visualization then you have to read the aforesaid document which helps you most.

How to Prevent Defects in Painting
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