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Daily duties of a Construction Manager

Construction management is an advantageous field which is attractive for many people from different fields such as engineering, field work and project management. Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown a thing that construction management is growing day by day and it is expecting that the increment will be up to 16% between the years 2012 to 2022.

The salary of the construction manager will also increase, in recent time the lowest pay for a construction manager is about $50000 and the top-ten get paid about $144500 or more than this.

It says that there is not a typical day of work for a construction manager and their work varies on the urgent needs or the demand of the clients and workplaces. Such as one day they have meeting with the shareholders, on the next day need to go for visiting the site or go to deal with the problems during the delay of the project. It is not that they have to do all kind of works like working in project site, in office, at legal places etc., no not that though they have many responsibilities to do in a project but there are some definite doing things for them. They are:

1. Planning, organizing, scheduling, directing, controlling and finishing the ongoing construction firm’s projects
2. Appointing and managing subcontractors and workers and staffs
3. Preparing and conceding budgets
4. Broaden up the available abilities- both physical and in human capital
5. Meeting and dealing with architects and engineers for enhancing the final project
6. Arranging contracts and representing the firm
7. Ensuring the safety work environment
8. Having knowledge and connections with local and federal construction laws

Most construction managers work as per the construction work schedule like heir days are divided between meetings, planning, working with documents and maintain a working appearance in the job site. They should have the ability to keep on their projects in all situations and also inspire the workers to get better work in the short time. Actually management presence amongst the real construction activities that shows an interest and investment level which inspire both the labor force and junior managers.

The experienced construction managers have some merging techniques which involve them in their work and make them loving about their employees. According to the University of Uyo, construction can get better success in their job performance with some skills, they are:

• Effective communication: This is the most important feature for any project manager and it is most effective than hard skills as poor communicators will find difficulty in defining the purposes to their juniors clearly.
• Accessibility: Construction managers can have an emergency call at any time and might have to face some sudden circumstances and dangerous weather etc. So they need to be always ready for any kind of situation at any time.
• Intelligence: Construction managers should earn their junior’s trust and believe. They need to be fast and knowledgeable in taking decisions, choosing the materials for the site and handling every situation with ability and efficiency.
• Competence: Construction managers are the fourth most important part for any project but they have to do their part of job very carefully and continuously well.

The construction managers should keep in mind that many features can also be included in the project management filed like pragmatism, empathy and authority.

Daily duties of a Construction Manager

Though there are various works and roles have to be played by the construction managers on a daily basis, yet their first priority should be their projects moment. They should make a balance between their hard skills and soft skills to make a project best in its limited time and budget.

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