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Cool Roofing ? A Shift in Traditional Roof Styles

Construction sector has experienced a sea change over the past few years. With technological evolution, certain internal factors go through a re-innovation process that gives the industry a new perspective. What seems impossible even a year ago becomes in your reach now.

The thought of cool roofing comes in the mind after experiencing an uncomfortable environment within a house in hot summer season. It is nothing but a process that completely relies on the science of reflection. Here, materials play an important role to get the desired result.

Cool roofing is attained by applying a coating made of cool materials or colors. It gains popularity with time because of its benefits. The coating is either white, or it has some reflective pigments that help reflect the sun light. Such technique not only keeps your interior cool and cozy, but it also eliminates the problems of premature ageing of your roof.

Generally, it keeps away the Ultra-violet ray and chemical damages from your roof resulting in a greater longevity and additional benefits of the roofs. If you consider the science, it is expressed as a cooler roof absorbs less heat from the sun and keeps the interior temperature considerably low in the summer season. The benefits of having a cooler roof suppress more than your known territory ? keeping the temperature inside of your house in a standard mood. It has a great impact on reducing the overall energy consumption of the building.

Since it cuts down the usages of air conditions and other technological devices, you can save energy consumption of your house.

Such roofing is planned in a way that it keeps your interior cozy in both the summer and the winter season. While heat reflection is the main reason to reduce the temperature inside of your house, it does not lose the needed temperature to keep your indoor warm.

Below are a few names that consist of known roofing types, but they can efficiently be converted into the cool roofs:

? Metal roof: A reflective paint or coating has been used to transform metal roofs into cool roofs.
? Modified Bitumen: This type of roofing contains one or more rubber or plastic layers underneath the surfacing materials. Cool roof coating seems to be the best for this type of roofing.

? Shingles, Sales or tiles: this roofing is commonly used in the commercial buildings. Granules coated paint is perfect for shingles. Slate and tile roofing is generally attached to the solar reflective surfaces come in different colors.
? Single-ply roofing: it is a prefabricated roof that rolls on the roof in a single layer. This is available with the ultra-violet resistant coating.

Cool roofing in the summer season proves to be a necessary construction design for every house across the world. This is a cost-effective process that also reduces the energy consumption of your building. It grows like a rage. The benefits of such roofing satisfied you completely.

Cool Roofing ? A Shift in Traditional Roof Styles