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Construction Manager Job Description

Construction managers are generally known as general contractors or project managers who inspect and allot resources for any number of construction projects like from houses and buildings to bridges and skyscrapers etc. These managers work as a part of the process of a building from the start to end, works with architects, determining material and labor costs, conferring with and hiring subcontractors and workers, making schedule for the onsite workers, gather permits and keep on eye over everything so that they should be done in time.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLA, the medium annual income of construction managers in 2012 was $82,790 and the highest 10% earned #144520+ but the lowest 10% could be expected to make $50,000 or more.

Educational requirements: People who have a good combination of working experience and education are perfectly fit for this job. Employers also need a background experience in the construction field with a year of experience as a contractor, carpenter, mason or other in the field.

Employer’s who have a bachelor’s degree in a construction related field like construction science, architecture, construction engineering or similar.

Two-year degrees sufficient for some employers, Certification are most important thing for the employers. The certification is available through the Construction Management Association of America and the American Institute of Constructors.

Construction Management Skills: A construction manager is the backbone of a project and has managed different charges like ensuring the project’s achievements, the flexibility of designs, properly manageable project which should be within budget and scope, safety of contractors and quality of the products. This is a huge responsibility, so applicants should be focused on some key things before applying for the construction management jobs:

• Project Management skills: A Construction manager should have knowledge about managing time schedules, coordinate different meetings, working with stakeholders and conferring agreements. • Communication skills: A manager should have patience on listening other’s views and communicate with everyone. Working as a team and functioning as a representative of the company to stakeholders is required. • Document management skills: A construction manager must be able to build and follow documents through bids, job reports and proposals and should be able to understand bond requirements and construction standards. • Technical skills: Should have the ability to clarify technical drawings, have software skills and experience in all fields. • Analytical skills: Must have the capacity to deal with unplanned delays, managing materials and keeping the working project in line.

Other certifications: In some states, they need the construction managers who can receive certification for inspecting public construction projects. Optional certifications are also a way of making an applicant a better candidate. The Construction Management Association of America has offered a Certified Construction Manager or CCM certification for the construction managers who can control projects’ time, money and quality also.

Some colleges like Temple bring certificates both in construction management and an extension of a bigger program. Others can decide to get a certificate from Project Management Institute and can translate their project management skills into construction.

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Construction Manager Job Description