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Construction Helmet Needs to Be Redesigned

Construction industry is evolving faster than the other fields because of its acceptability and adaptability of new opportunities. While every corner of the construction is getting a re-innovation, a few remained untouched as they are holding a less value than other serious issues. A construction helmet can be a topic rather a trending topic of discussion as long as the workers’ safety is concerned. It is an important Personal Protective Equipment which is given to the workers to keep their head protected from any hit.

Why Construction helmet needs a redesign: The traditional hats used by workers have many drawbacks and cannot provide a complete protection from the growing risks prevailed in the construction sites. Dangerous situations are inevitable in the field of the job. This is why maintaining a strict safety measure is essentially important for the workers. A sudden movement, a fall, and a tilt of the head are few things that commonly happen in the sites, causing severe accidents for the workers. It has proven that hard hats, which are being used conventionally, fail to meet the safety standard today’s workers need.

These old hats generally protect the top of the head and miss the two important sides – front and back, which are considered to be the riskier than the top portion. It is a common factor that workers climb higher for their job. In such situation, old hard hats worn by the workers can easily be turned into a falling projectile.

Recently, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) published a document citing people working in constructions are suffering from brain injuries more than the workers of the other fields.

This data clearly states that the traditional construction helmet is not enough to give workers a complete security. This is why it needs to be redesigned if companies want to take care of their employees satisfyingly.

The New Generation Hard Hat: With observing all shortcomings, a new generation construction hat has been designed that not only eliminates the existing risks but also gives workers a complete comfort to wear. The pilot project has been carried out in many parts of the universe to get more acceptances from the workers. The result, so far, is overwhelming, and it shows that people are agreeably choosing new hard hats over the old ones.

The reason behind this much-needed shift is that the new discovery meets the standard of the protection. It ensures that your head remains safe, no matter from where the risks come. Chin straps of these hats are designed to keep them in place always. Companies, which redesign the model, say that they keep the helmets in all possible environments to ensure its quality. For a sudden motion or for a work on height, chin straps ensure your safety issue.

Visor for eye protection: Visor offers extra benefits and they are much comfortable than the traditional eye glasses used by construction workers. The glasses are attached to the hat and fit well on your face also.

With the growing risks in the construction sites, new hard hats will be an option to avoid unnecessary, severe accidents. These hats are designed keeping in every requirement in mind. You will get the needed protection while being on your work.

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Construction Helmet Needs to Be Redesigned