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Construction Engineering Management

Construction Engineering Management or CEM has involved the application of technical and scientific knowledge collected through both undergraduate and graduate-level studies for the involved process with base construction projects. CEMs should have an educational background with an experience in the techniques of construction management with their broader application for Architecture, Engineering and Construction or AEC industry.

The total environment of homes, buildings and many more can be resulted from the construction projects and building these things is the duty of a construction engineer and construction manager. They have to deliver these projects with some detailed things keeping in mind like a quality product at a fair price, safely constructed in a timely form.

The work of a Construction Engineering Manager: The managers play the main role in a successful achievement of the construction projects. A construction manager has to perform various works and command a huge range of projects in his/her career like designing the drainage and sewage systems, building construction or the larger projects such as expanding highways or railroads. There are some basic specialties in every construction project to build career with it, they are:

? Commercial business or housing construction
? Electrical system design
? HVAC/Mechanical
? Highway/Heavy constructions

1. Technical and Leadership background: The construction managers are told to use the computers and construction management software for producing and analyzing the designs for their relevant projects. They are the person who is the responsibility to bring together teams of the qualified engineers who can give the project a nice completion and they must have the general knowledge to control the assessment and planning of the cost.

2. Work responsibilities: The construction managers generally work out of a central office like visiting job sites frequently and working some on-location works with the labors. They have to inspect the sites to maintain the working standards and work process in the project. The normal time of working for a construction manager is 40 hours a week but sometime managers have to work for longer hours for completing the work in time or solving problems.

Besides the above works he has many other responsibilities like a construction manager often heed to go to the job site for surveying the work process in a project. A manager also has to manage any kind of environmental issues or local rules, laws or codes which stops the growth of work. Before starting of any project a manager need to make a report on the conclusions and have to cope up with people who are involved in the project. These other parties are of different types like governmental agencies, environmental associations, contractors and subcontractors etc.

A manager has to be very intelligent and experienced to handle all kind of matters such as laws, rules and regulations, building code etc and also be experienced in measuring the total cost in a project with the considerable things like: site inspections; drainage, sewage and elevation level tests; equipment and materials and labor.

It is not the end as they have various other entities in the project like arranging expert supervision from start to end, continuing the project as per the schedule and within budget. A strong leadership is recommended for handling various kinds of people and should also have communal skills to solve problems, analytical and mathematical works.

3. Construction Engineering Management Jobs: The post or job of a Construction Manager is highly demandable among people and it is increasing day by day. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry will grow up 20% more in next 8-10 years. So for this upcoming rising in the industry some well qualified and experienced construction managers are needed who will get a high salary, and it is an opportunity for the interested people to start their career as a construction manager.

Construction Engineering Management

There are many institutions who offer a course on Construction Management and they prepare the students through the needed tool and techniques for becoming eligible in that post.

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