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World's Top 10 Construction & Architectural Projects

An elegant, engaging, and inspiring building design engages, exhilarates, and inspires. A quality that cannot be described, embodies ingenuity in design, connection to place, and imagination above all else.

Burj Khalifa

As the tallest structure in the world, this breathtaking super tower towers 2,717 feet above the desert. Offices, residences, restaurants, the Armani hotel and a 124 story observation deck can be found on its 162 floors. As a result of its impressive verticality and sleek silhouette, its design is one of the most remarkable in the world. An impressive glass curtain wall, steel mullions and a 700 foot spire cap off a building whose foundation is shaped like a Y.

California High Speed Rail Network Project

The Californian high speed rail network is expected to be completed by 2029 despite COVID 19. From San Diego in the south to San Francisco in the north, the high speed trains will connect eight of the state's ten largest cities.

A two phase project is planned: Phase 1 will connect Los Angeles and San Francisco; Phase 2 will connect San Diego and Sacramento. With each 200 mile per hour train powered by renewable energy, the high speed rail demonstrates the west coast states' commitment to sustainability.

Dance of Light

As part of its Dance of Light project, China has unveiled one of the world's most twisted towers. It is located in Chongqing's Jiangbei district in the Xingfu Plaza in the Jiangbei district. This 180 meter skyscraper was designed by the architectural firm Aedas to have a twisting angle of 8.8 degrees per floor, about 1.5 times what other similar buildings have & uniqueness of the building.

Celestial phenomena were the inspiration for the 39 story building's design. The vertical lines on the tower highlight the minimalistic aspect of architecture, while reflecting and refracting light from the glass, creating a design statement that celebrates light as a crucial architectural component.

Through bottom to top connections between the northern and eastern sides of the building, stunning facade design is inspired by the dancing aurora.

This facade shines at sunrise, and at night, it showcases the reflection of twinkling lights that suggest a ballerina dancing. A sliding twist extends from the roof dais, echoing the geometry of the tower and maintaining a cohesive architectural design.

Linked Hybrid

It is an urban development project comprising eight linked towers that offers a compelling vision for 21st-century urban planning. By placing wide, open passages at ground level, the architects were able to combat the isolation often associated with luxury residences and gated communities.

The Shard

Its 72 stories have transformed the skyline of London along the southern banks of the Thames, as spectators of the Olympic Games have seen. Featuring eight angled glass façades that reflect the sky and surrounding city, the building looks like a church steeple.

It includes office space, apartments, restaurants, and a hotel, as well as an observation platform that offers breathtaking views of up to 40 miles in every direction. Piano envisioned the building as a vertical village with offices, apartments, restaurants, and a hotel.

Parrish Art Museum

The Parrish's strikingly horizontal new home is topped by a white corrugated metal double gable roof, a nod to the traditional barns and cottages associated with Long Island's East End. The poured concrete structure was designed by Swiss architect Ascan Mergenthaler, who created welcoming galleries that are connected by a central spine.

HARPA Concert Hall & Conference Center

With its kaleidoscopic façade of multicolored glass, this gemlike venue immediately enchanted locals and brought new life to Iceland's once-sleepy harbor. With its aggregate of jagged, geometric volumes, the crystalline shell designed by Olafur Eliasson complements the structure beautifully. The waterfront landmark is transformed into a shimmering beacon of beauty at night by exterior LED strips.

Absolute World

Toronto's largest suburb is characterized by these high-rise residences. These 50 and 56 story skyscrapers appear to sway and twist, each around its axis, due to their continuous balconies.

In collaboration with Burka Architects, the young Beijing firm focuses on such creative form making. In addition to Inner Mongolia's Ordos Museum, MAD has earned a reputation for innovative structures. A familiar building type is given a refreshing twist with the Absolute towers.

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Perot Museum of Nature & Science

A Pritzker Prize winning architect, Thom Mayne founded Morphosis, which is famed for breaking molds. It is no different from the other buildings he has designed. It is a five-story cube covered in panels of textured concrete, fractured at one corner and set atop a sweeping plinth planted with Texas grasses. Visitors head up to the exhibits via an escalator that sweeps across the cube's exterior.

World's Top 10 Construction & Architectural Projects

Al Maktoum International Airport

An airport like London Heathrow will be familiar to anyone who has been there. It's 4.6 square miles, compared to the incredible 21 square miles of land at Al Maktoum International Airport.

With the second phase of airport expansion, which has no definite completion date and is estimated to cost US32 billion, Dubai's Al Maktoum is a truly gigantic airport that can handle 200 wide-bodied aircraft at once.