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Concrete Volume Calculator with Edge and Internal Beams

This kind of calculator can estimates the volume and weight of concrete essential to hide a given area and can calculates the number of concrete bags based on standard 60 and 80 pound bags of concrete and volumes for slabs, walls, footers, columns, steps, curbs and gutters.

Method of using the calculator: At first the shape of the concrete slab has to be drawn and at the starting at top left of slab plan, the side lengths should be entered clockwise around the slab and the correct direction arrow is used to draw sides. Then the diagram will re-size and re-scale to fit the slab diagram as per its growth.

Users can try the Demo button to know the working method of it. Next press Clear + Start to enter Side Length of first side to draw and arrow buttons to draw the slab as per the direction.

Then repeat and continue to draw closed slab shape and after it finished user can fill it with solid color; next user can enter Slab Thick, edge and internal thickenings as per requirement and press Calculate to get results.

Users can enter Side Lengths and draw diagrams by entering lengths or using cursor buttons from keyboard or direction buttons; then click the Q button to delete the last entered side and C button to close the diagram. Users can enter multiple length sides in a direction though can’t go back to the previous ones, can’t close or cut any other side.

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Concrete Volume Calculator with Edge and Internal Beams