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Concrete Roof Construction from Beginning to End

A concrete roof is known to be durable and survive adverse weather construction. However, for a concrete roof to be durable, it is essential that we use the right proportions of concrete materials. We need to ensure that the weight of the concrete is supported. A lot of planning is involved in concrete roofing. Here is a step by step guide on how to construct the perfect flat concrete roof.

Safety and tools: Before we start the construction process, it is important that we have the right materials for the job. Failing to have the correct safety materials not only may lead to an injury during the construction, but can also lead to liability.

The right safety equipments are work boots and work helmets. Next we check that we have all the tools for the construction process. These include steel joists, cement, reinforcing bars, W1.7 wire, sand and concrete slabs. Thus, we first need to decide the size of concrete blocks.

Place the steel joists: After selecting the particular size of concrete blocks, we need to place the steel joists which should rest on a beam for support.

The steels joists and the size of the concrete blocks should be proportional to each other. Basically the purpose of the joists are to basically provide a foundation for the concrete blocks.

Laying the concrete slabs: After the steel joists are laid, we need to place the concrete slabs one at a time and according to the size that we made from the steel joists.

Grooves and reinforcing bars: After laying the concrete slabs, we need to trace the grooves and place the W1.7 wires on the grooves. After that we need to carefully bend the wire at the end of each slabs.

The spaces left between the slabs and the joists should have reinforcing bars inserted in them.

Preparing and poring the grout: After the slabs are firm, we need to prepare the grout. Mix sand, cement and water thoroughly and pour it gently on the slabs. The concrete will absorb the grout and we need to spread slowly with a squeegee.

Concrete Roof Construction from Beginning to End