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Concrete Mix Design for different grades of concrete

Concrete Mix Design is the process for choosing appropriate elements of concrete and finding out their relevant ratios with the purpose of developing concrete with specific minimum strength and stability as inexpensively as possible.

Purpose of mix design

To make sure the most favorable ratios of the ingredients of concrete to satisfy the need of the structure that should be built up. Mix design is used for the following purposes :-

To attain the designed/required adaptability in the plastic phase.

To attain required minimum stability in the hardened phase.

To attain the required stability in the specified environment conditions.

To form concrete as inexpensively as possible.

Designing of concrete mix is dependent on the following factors :-

1. Cost
2. Specification
3. Workability
4. Strength and Durability

Given below, the details of concrete mix design for different concrete grades like M20, M25, M30 and higher grades :-

Concrete Mix Design for different grades of concrete