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Chenani-Nashri Tunnel – A Construction Wonder in India

Innovation always stays at the heart of the construction. From the bygone era to the modern age, construction works awe people with their surprising project planning. With time, it extends its working area and brings impossible things within your reach. Chenani –Nashri Tunnel is such a construction project that opens up a new door of designing. It carries proudly the marvel engineering at the foot the Himalaya at an altitude of 1,200 metre. With measuring every corner of construction and safety, this tunnel is considered to be a signification part in the tourism of Jammu and Kashmir.

Construction Gateway: The first of a kind tunnel in India definitely takes the engineering to the next level where boundaries are crossed and limitations are defeated confidently. Chenani –Nashri Tunnel connects Jammu to Srinagar, reducing the travel distance between the two cities. This innovative plan not only cuts down the distance, but also enhances the footfalls in the cities.

The tunnel is considered to be the Asia’s largest one and it reduces the road distance between Jammu and Kashmir by 31 km. the earlier road is prone to danger and most of the time it is closed to avert the risky situations. The exiting road has also elevations and hairpin bends that made the traveling riskier.

The new tunnel is a saver of the drowning tourism and it ensures the state-of-the-art safety for the travellers. New age designs and technologies have been to carve out the artery.

The Engineering: The tunnel proves to be an economic boon for the country as the approach is directly measured with India’s tourism. The existing distance from Chenani to Nashrin is 41 Km which is reduced to 10.9km by this tunnel. With 9.35m carriageway and a vertical clearance of 5m, this bi-directional tunnel is indeed the wonder of the construction.

The Chenani –Nashri Tunnel was an Rs 3,700 crore project and it maintains international standard in the engineering process. it is also regarded as the safest tunnel of India as it contains an escape tunnel that makes sure the safest evacuation will be carried out if any unwanted situation occurs.

The tunnel has touches of all modern construction. With 29 cross passages for the distance of 300m, it becomes the most interest route to travel. It has 22 pedestrian cross passages and 7 vehicular ones with the length of 34mm each.

An Intense Planning: The planning process took time as there were so many things to consider ranging from minor to major ones. A thorough understanding of the traffic was needed to carve out a sound designing process. The numerical modeling plan was introduced to build the tunnel to ensure the safety. Surrounding geographical environments played a major role in the construction process. For maintaining the safety of the tunnel, advanced control set up was incorporated by the designers. The biggest challenge was cutting steep slope that is commonly associated with the landslide issue.

Advanced Mechanism: The tunnel has set a high standard in meeting all important requirements in the engineering. The emergency evacuation and accident detection mechanisms keep the tunnel away from the sudden unwanted risks.

The technology in the tunnel that awes you is a transverse ventilation system enabled and controlled by ABB. This ventilation system is required to maintain a proper air flow in the tunnel, keeping the carbon dioxide level in the permissible limit. The NATM – New Austrian Tunneling Method – was used for this construction and it was completely protected with the safety tools and features used across the world. The safety equipment like SOS box, PA system, FM system CCTV cameras and more were installed in the tunnel.

Chenani –Nashri Tunnel is indeed the wonder of India that brings out the maverick engineering to the world. The tunnel opens up new possibilities that enhance the tourism of India.

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Chenani-Nashri Tunnel – A Construction Wonder in India