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Detail Checklists for Quality Brickwork in construction site

A site engineer should take proper care so that standard quality bricks are utilized in the construction site. To maintain the good quality brickwork, the following points should be considered. These points should be kept in mind while performing brickwork.

1. The density of joint in brick masonry should be under 1 cm.
2. With the help of a raking tool, the face joints should be raked to a depth of 15 mm while the mortar is still green with the purpose of arranging perfect key toward plaster or pointing.
3. Brickwork should be built up in layers which should remain under one meter height at a time.
4. Verify that the brick work is in plumb.
5. Verify that the brick courses are in level.

6. Ensure that the quality of bricks should be based on the following properties :-
Strength, Efflorescence, Dimensional precision, Water absorption

7. Examine to check that no brick bats are used as queen closer.

8. Verify the durability of mortar by making scratch with a sharp instrument similar to screw driver.
9. Verity the quality of sand in mortar. (check for fineness modulus and silt content).
10. Examine the mixing of mortar is accomplished manually or by machine as well as mixing is accomplished on a perfect platform.

11. Verify arrangements for curing.
12. Whether raking of green joints are finished or not.
13. Whether soaking of bricks is finished or not.
14. Verify the general quality of works by adhering to lines, levels, thickness and genuineness of the joints.

15. Verity brick corners are arranged perfectly with a correct brick closer and not by pitting brick bats.
16. Check that the top courses in plinth, in window sill and under RCC slab and parapet are arranged with brick on edge.
17. Verity that the joints of brick work are filled with mortar completely, check especially vertical joints.

18. Verify type of scaffolding and it is attached and braced perfectly.
19. Ensure that reinforcement in brick partition wall is arranged properly.
20. Verify bonding of cross wall with long walls.
21. Whether holes remain in the brick work at the time of carrying out for supporting scaffolding are filled with concrete and not with dry bricks.

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Detail Checklists for Quality Brickwork in construction site