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Some vital checklist for RCC slabs and beams

RCC slabs and beams should be checked correctly once they are fully arranged for concreting.

Inspection of concreting works is considered as a vital step to attain superior strength and stability of the structure. The purpose of a check list at the time of making inspection of the concrete member is to keep record of the concrete placement and quality control measures provided at site.

Phases of examination of Concrete Works - Examination of concrete is performed in following 3 stages,

1. Pre-placement
2. During placement
3. Post-placement.

Type of examination of concrete is based on the type of concrete, i.e. PCC or RCC, type of components being casted like RCC slab, columns, footing, beams, walls etc. It is both useful for the contractor and engineer to keep the record of checks, in order that they can be submitted for any inconsistency.

It can also be used as a proof of quantity of concrete work accomplished by the contractor, in order that no inconsistency happens during billing.

The checklist also records the number of cubes provided for the specified work and its id is recorded in the checklist, with the intention that when cube test results are obtained, the structural components for the specified cube test results can be easily determined.

Given below, brief checklists for RCC slab and beams :-

1. The bottom line, level & width of the beam should be examined.
2. The side line, level & plumb of beam should be examined.
3. Based on the architectural drawings, the estimation from beam to beam should be examined.
4. Separate level & diagonal of every slab should be examined.
5. The density of slab should be labeled with nails on the exterior sides of the peripheral beam.

6. The density of slab and the depth of beam should be examined.
7. Support props for slab & beam bottoms should remain in line & plumb. There should be bamboo bracing at around 4 feet height from floor level. Support props for double staging terraces should be examined cautiously.
8. Line of exterior and the sides of peripheral beam should be examined & cross supported so that the building can?t get out of sides.
9. The junctions of columns & beams should be examined to make them water resistant.
10. Deshuttering oil should be used to beam/slab shuttering.

11. Reinforcement should be examined for beams and slab according to RCC drawing.
12. There should be perfect cover for slab.

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Some vital checklist for RCC slabs and beams