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Checklist for concrete formwork at jobsite

Concrete formwork belongs to a temporary structure that provides support structure for concrete once it is arranged at the construction site to retain the concrete in exact location and maintain the shape unless it becomes solidified. Checks for formwork should be started prior to start of concreting, throughout concreting and as soon as the formwork is extracted.

Concrete formwork contains both quality and safety threats. If the formwork is inappropriate for the concrete and work is being executed at height, safety issue may arise. The concrete quality may hamper if the alignment of the formwork is not aligned perfectly as well as not leak proof etc. To reduce the project cost, the concrete should preserved in a perfect manner.

1. Make sure the forms are firmly supported with the lateral bracings at all points of support.
2. Block out (stop end) braced are provided for withstanding vertical and lateral loads.
3. Form panels are abundantly braced and tied with each other.
4. Formwork corners are also abundantly tied to withstand leakage or bulging and stretching of concrete.

5. Make sure adequate length is arranged for wall ties and there is enough strength and spacing as essential.
6. Verify wales for maintaining perfect spacing among them and joints should be taken aback from one tier to the next.
7. In double member wales, one member left continuous across the location of form ties.
8. Wall ties and bolts should be screwed properly.
9. If the double member wales are placed, there should be equivalent depths for both the wales.

10. Ensure there should be sufficient lap among forms as well as casted concrete beforehand.
11. Make sure that there should not be any leakage in grout at joints among panels and joints among old concrete and panels above them.
12. Verify the provision of resistance against uplift for sloping faces of concrete formwork.
13. Setting up of the wall forms and placing of concrete at the construction site should be done in the presence of an experienced supervisor.

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Checklist for concrete formwork at jobsite