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Cheap Bricks Out of Waste – An Invention in Civil Engineering

Housing cost is skyrocketing with time. Materials are becoming costlier, and having own house remains in the dreams of poor and middle-income families. But the new-age engineers do not give in at the hands of the inflation. They have come up with inventions that lead the society to the better. A happening that is potential enough to change the present scenario of construction is the production of cheap bricks out of waste. The idea is as innovative as effective to bring down the cost within your reach.

Since brick is the primary material for a house, this innovation comes up with reliable promises for people. Sandeep Yadav, a civil engineering graduate of Sri Ram Swaroop Engineering College, is the man behind this thought. Facing difficulties to meet the growing expenses of building his house, he landed up with a thought that takes him to the process of making cheaper bricks.

His thought was also well-supported by his friends Suyash Agnihotri and Shivam Gupta, and this trio earned a provisional patent for this innovation. Their research has also taken a proud place in the International Journal of Advancements in Research and Technology (IJART).

Producing bricks from affordable materials will definitely cut down the costs. The waste materials like sludge and fly ash serve the core needs of the production. The trio believed that this new way will bring down the price of bricks as less as 64 paise each. The sludge material is generated in the Sewage treatment – a process where contamination in water is removed. The fly ash also known as flue-ash is produced at the time of combustion of coal.

The new method has come up with many benefits that share an equal importance in individual and social needs. It solves one of the most harming environmental issues – a disposal of sludge material. The disposing of this material catches attentions of many. But the idea offered by the trio is the most effective one to use the contamination rightly without harming the society. Recycling is the best way to remove sludge, and it is what they do. The sludge mixed up with fly ash provides the workers with the main material for making the bricks.

The process of producing the cheaper bricks is both cost effective and environment-friendly. Makers also claimed that these bricks are as tough and resistant as the regular ones available in the market. The products contain enough strength, hardness and water absorption ability.

The process of generation cheaper bricks: The STP sludge is primarily used in the process of making such bricks. It was crushed into powder and sieved finely in a 45-micron sieve. This finely collected sludge is mixed with fly ash and is moulded in a brick mould. The raw bricks are dried in sun light.

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Cheap Bricks Out of Waste – An Invention in Civil Engineering