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Categories and applications lintels in construction

Lintel stands for a short beam having its ends developed into a wall. It belongs to a horizontal structure that is arranged over small openings of the walls for doors, windows ventilate cupboard etc. Width of the lintel and the width of the wall remain identical. Bearing of the lintel is set on the supporting wall and it is equivalent to the height of the wall.

Functions of Lintel: The objective of the lintel is to bear weight or load of the masonry wall that is built over it. It transfers the load to the supporting wall on its either side.

Categories of Lintel:

a. Timber Lintel
b. Stone Lintel
c. Brick Lintel
d. Steel Lintel
e. Reinforced Cement Concrete Lintel

Timber Lintel:

a. It is formed with hard wood similar to Teak. It is implanted into the masonry wall at its ends.
b. These Lintels do not have good strength as well as fire resistance capacity and prone to be damaged by white ants.
c. Due to excessive cost of timber, these lintels are not recommended.

Stone Lintels:

a. It comprises of chisel drisel stone slabs either a single piece or in excess of a single piece.
b. It is best fit for large distances due to it’s heavy weight.
c. It is mostly found in stone masonry structures like temple etc.

Brick Lintels:

a. It is made of bricks which are arranged on end or an edge of the wall.
b. Brick lintels are not very strong. Therefore, they are suitable for light loads and for small openings or distances of up to 1 meter only.

Steel Lintels:

a. Steel lintels contain rolled steel joints or channel sections.
b. Steel lintels are mostly recommended for large openings and heavy loads.
c. Rolled steel joints are implanted in concrete for the following purposes:
1. Increase in width to adjust with the width of the wall.
2. Safeguard against rust and corrosion.

Reinforced Cement Concrete Lintels:


a. RCC lintels are extremely long lasting, easy to built and fire resistance.
b. These are cost-effective and simple in construction.


a. RCC Lintels are suitable for any span length of openings as well as bearing any load.
b. These are extensively used in recent times and substitute practically all other materials for lintels.

Categories and applications lintels in construction