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Usage of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) for strengthening structure

Generally, the longevity of RCC buildings remain for about fifty years under normal situation. There may occur different types of structural problems which should be resolved with retrofitting. Retrofitting can reinforce the structural members of the structure.

In this construction article, detail information is given on the retrofitting of beam with carbon fiber polymer (CFRP) retrofitting system.

A beam is examined prior to retrofitting through static loading test with sand bags arranged for 72 hours on the slab and the deflection is inspected because of supplementary load. The deflection is observed within permissible limits owing to the supplementary design load after retrofitting.

Introduction: If structural deficiency occurs in a RCC beam, it should be detected and resolved immediately. The existing structural strength of the section at the job site is measured on the basis of accessible section, grade of concrete as well as the quantity of reinforcing steel to withstand the flexural tension and tensile shear.

After that, the extra strength of the RCC structural member is required to be arranged with some methods. The reinforcing of structural components is mostly done with MS rolled sections as a supporting structure to the RCC beams.

If such rolled MS sections are utilized, the headroom of the lower floor is reduced and it provides poor aesthetic in the lower floor.

In most of the cases, it becomes difficult to arrange such MS section for reinforcing purpose because the lower floor should be engrossed by other party. Under such conditions, it will be continual problem because of periodical maintenance to resist corrosion of the MS sections. To get rid of the issue as well as structural deficiencies in beams the compressive zone & tensile zones of the beam are retrofitted.

The structural deficiency occurs because of the following reasons :-

1. Improper design
2. Incorrect Operation
3. Supplementary Loading
4. Modification in usage of the building
5. Codal amendment

6. Aging of the structure
7. Fire accident
8. Modification in the building
9. Seismic loads

Usage of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) for strengthening structure