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Everything you need to know about BOQ in Construction

An itemized bill of quantities, also known as a bill of quantities, contains detailed information about a variety of work items such as the descriptions, quantities, and rates for each item.

As with the abstract of the estimated cost of the detailed estimate, the Bill of Quantities is prepared using a tabular format, but the rate and amount columns are left blank.

The rates and quantities are entered and summed to determine the approximate cost. It is generally used to solicit tenders and is given to contractors to fill out the numbers and quantities.

When the tenders are accepted, the prices and quantities are compared, and the task is assigned.

Objectives of BOQ in Construction

  • To standardize the tendering procedure.
  • For offering a clear and exact approach to project valuation.
  • To allow consultants to compare the pricing of numerous specific components as well as overall expenditures.
  • To aid quantity surveyors in determining if individual contractors filed valid tenders that were compliant with tender information.

Importance of BOQ in Construction

  • It makes it easier for all contractors bidding on a contract to quote on the same information.
  • The bill of quantities provides a fundamental concept of the project by supplying the quantities to tenderness.
  • The scope of the work to be accomplished is described in the BOQ.
  • BOQ provides a contract amount that has been analyzed or projected.
  • It is the most appropriate foundation for appraisal, tender comparison, and contract comparison.

Components of BOQ

Depending on the size of the project and the practices, BOQ parts may vary. It generally contains measurements, preliminary summaries, and provisional summaries.

Primary elements

Preliminaries are the indirect costs of project execution in the building sector. Nonetheless, these are the expenditures associated with construction projects.

These expenses indicated individually are difficult to allocate between measured works?examples for preliminary costs are shown below:

  • Advance payment, performance bond, guarantee, and workers' compensation charges.
  • Site cleaning and upkeep.
  • The requirement for a site office, site shops, and staff housing.
  • Costs for project management personnel such as Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, and so on.

Measurements of BOQ

The real or predicted work that will be completed to finish the project is referred to as measured works. The outputs can be monitored in a variety of different units.

They might be in running meters, square meters, cubic meters, numbers, items, and so forth. The expected amount of work will be computed by multiplying items and rates.

Summary of Provisions

A provisional sum is a figure for work undersigned during the tender that will be amended when the project is completed.

In summary, BOQ is critical for achieving commercial management goals. Every construction expert should adhere to it in order to provide the customer with the quality and desired output.

Benefits of BOQ

Describes the work in detail

Basically, this document contains a list of all the items and quantities that are necessary for the project to be completed. Thus, it gives a fairly good idea of what will be required in terms of work and items.

Evaluate & compare

Because the bill of quantities specifies the quantity/number of things needed for the project, we can completely assess it. We may solicit bids and compare contractors depending on each item. As a result, we can acquire the best bargain.

Identifying the problem

Every project requires careful planning. A bill of quantities is critical in project planning. Half of the planner's work is already done because the goods and their amounts are mentioned.

The planning engineer must allocate the sources with their continuation before the planning sheet can be created.

When the tenders are accepted, the prices and quantities are compared, and the task is assigned.

Don't make assumptions

Assume the BOQ is unavailable. In this instance, the expert will have to estimate it based solely on conjecture. However, the BOQ eliminates guessing and provides critical information for the project's successful operation.

It includes a basic overview of all assignments as well as a complete inventory of the materials utilized. As a result, it gives the contractor a clear picture of how to execute the task.

A transparent process

It provides complete transparency because all products and amounts are listed. As a result, everything becomes visible by default, eliminating the possibility of deceptive activities.

To get more details, watch the following video tutorial.

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Drawbacks of BOQ

Here are a few drawbacks of BOQ:-

  • It may be deceptive if the estimator is unskilled.
  • BOQ must be carefully constructed; else, huge arithmetic mistakes may occur.
  • It is only appropriate for the standard procurement method.
  • BOQ preparation extends the documentation process, thus increasing project costs.
Everything you need to know about BOQ in Construction

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