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The construction process and benefits of Ring Beams

Beams provide various benefits in building construction. In our daily construction works, beams play an important role to increase the integrity of structure for brick/block walls.

Ring beam is extensively utilized in the building construction to bind the entire masonry works into a single operating unit.

The foundation work for multi-storied buildings having in excess of four or five floors as compared to residential building construction as the supporting weight is not equivalent.

Though, the foundation can bear lots of weight from the base. When the walls of the building are constructed, the load is produced by the roof onto the walls. This load should be accommodated properly by the walling units otherwise complications may arise.

Here, lies the importance of developing a ring beam to sustain this weight from the roof structure. The ring beam is primarily made of timber and iron sheets.

Initially, the foundation and the walling sections of the building built up, then the ring beam is used on top of the brick or block wall.

The most fundamental type of ring beam is constructed with reinforcement and concrete. The reinforcement is normally formed with T12 and R wires.

Timber form work for the ring beam is nailed on top once the maximum wall height is attained. It makes an extension of roughly nine inches over the wall.

The reinforcement wires are then provided into the form work and the concrete is poured in. This concrete is normally a mixture of cement, sand and aggregate. The concrete is departed to set for a period of about two weeks, then the timber form work is detached.

The ring beams reduce the scope for wall cracking since the load from the roof structure are negligible.

If, there is not a ring beam in the houses, the points of openings where doors and windows are constructed turn into points of weakness, where cracking may occur in the walls.

The ring beams facilitate to minimize the possibility of sagging in the walls. The ring beams can improve the structural strength as well as make the design of the house beautiful.

The complete cost of the ring beam will fluctuate on the basis of the size of the building. But one should take the estimates into consideration occurring from these costs.

The construction process and benefits of Ring Beams