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Benefits of hollow concrete block masonry

Concrete blocks which contain core void area in excess of 25% of the gross area is defined as hollow concrete blocks.

These blocks are available with various shapes and sizes.

Given below, some of the standard sizes of hollow concrete blocks.

a. Standard size hollow concrete block ? 39 cm 19 cm 30 cm
b. Hollow building tiles ? 39 cm 19 cm 20 cm
c. Hollow concrete blocks for partitions ? 39 cm 19 cm 10 cm

Face thickness of these blocks are generally retained 5 cm or more.


1. Quick accomplishment of Work
Hollow concrete block includes consistent and regular size and has less weight. It allows any work to be completed quickly.

2. Enlargement in Floor Area
By applying hollow blocks, the thin walls can be built up easily. So, it facilitates to save space and enlarge floor area.

3. Minimizes Construction Cost
With the use of hollow block, construction materials are saved and it leads to lessen construction cost.

Application of bigger size concrete block decreases number of joints in work and therefore provides benefits in saving mortar.

4. Greater Insulation Properties
Hollow concrete block contains good insulating properties which resist sound, heat and dampness.

5. More long-lasting
Hollow concrete block masonry can securely resist the atmospheric action and it does not need any protective covering.

6. Appointment of Unskilled Labour
No need to appoint any skilled labor for constructing hollow concrete block masonry.

7. Good Binding of Mortar & Plaster
Existence of rough surface on concrete blocks facilitates good bonding of mortar and plaster.

Benefits of hollow concrete block masonry