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Bar Bending Schedule for Tie Beams/Strap Beams & Calculation of Reinforcement in Tie / Strap Beams

Bar Bending Schedule for Tie Beams/Strap Beams: The purpose of bar bending schedule is to determine the quantities of the reinforcement essential for the building. Bar Bending Schedule for footings is vital for gathering knowledge on the tie beam/strap beam reinforcement in substructure.

Tie Beam and Strap Beam: Tie Beam (Straight beam) stands for a beam that attaches the two footings in the substructure. If the two footings remain in the identical line, tie beam should be arranged. Strap Beam alias inclined beam has the similarity with tie beam but it attaches two footings at a specific angle. Strap beam is placed if two footings remain in diverse levels.

Tie beam/ Strap beam are particularly situated among pile caps and shallow foundations. Their main objective is to force all shallow foundations or pile caps to roughly obtain the same settlements.

Quantity of reinforcement (steel) essential for Tie Beam/ Strap beams or Bar bending schedule for Tie Beam/ Strap Beam:-

The following plan will help you to estimate steel reinforcement in tie Beam or Strap Beam / Bar Bending Schedule for Tie Beam/ Strap beam.

The horizontal bars which connect one footing to the other footing, belong to main bars and the vertical bars are known as stirrups. Stirrups facilitate framing the main bars in exact position.

The following points should be remembered to realize the reinforcement in tie beams:-

1. Main Bars (Top bar, Bottom bar, Side bar) are attached to the center of one footing to the center of another footing.

2. While stirrups are provided from one face of footing to the another face of footing. The following image provides apparent view on how reinforcement is attached with Tie beam.

Abide by the following instructions at the time of determining the total weight of steel necessary for building up Tie beams / Strap beams:-

Tie beam reinforcement calculation is segregated into two sections Main bars and stirrups.

Part-I:- Main Bars

1. Verify the Length of main bars in top, bottom, side bars.
2. Then verify the no. of main bars in top, bottom, side bars
3. Verify the diameter of main bars in top, bottom, side bars
4. Work out the total length of main bars in top, bottom and side direction.
5. Determine the total weight of Main bars.

Part-II:- Stirrups

1. Subtract the concrete cover from all sides of tie and determine the length of stirrup.
2. Compute the length of stirrup along with hook.
3. Work out the total no. of stirrups.
4. Determine the total length of stirrups
5. Then compute the total wt. of stirrups.

Length, Dia and No. of Bars are chosen and designed by the structural engineer through load analysis.

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Bar Bending Schedule for Tie Beams/Strap Beams & Calculation of Reinforcement in Tie / Strap Beams