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Bar Bending Schedule for footings / Computation of Steel reinforcement in footings

In order to develop high rise buildings, Bar Bending schedule is very important. Sufficient knowledge in Bar Bending Schedule is required for obtaining the quantities of Steel reinforcement that is essential for each element of the building.

In a high rise building, there are numerous steel to finish the building that contains more than 10th floor. It?s becomes difficult to order all the necessary steel for entire construction simultaneously due to the shortage of space and also corrosion may occur in steel if it gets contacted with the water (rain). To get rid of this issue, reinforcement (steel) is used in high rise building as per need.

Initially, it is necessary to create the estimate for Steel reinforcement in footings (steel quantities) [Bar Bending Schedule for footings] in high rise buildings for building up the footings. Once the footings are completed, the next order is placed for high rise building.

Essential Quantity of Reinforcement (Steel) for Footings / Bar Bending Schedule for Footings: The estimation is made on the basis of the following footing plan.

Methods to determine the quantities of Reinforcement in footing:

Recognize the type of Mesh or Reinforcement
Take on dia of bars (X bars & Y bars)
Subtract the Concrete Cover from all sides of footings
Ascertain the length of bars (X bars & Y bars)
Ascertain the No. of Bars
Ascertain the total length of bars
Result: total wt of bars necessary for footing

Footing Plan: Footing Details-

F1, F4, F7 belong to Plain footing (1.5?1.5?0.8)
F2 belongs to Stepped Footing (0.9?0.9?1.35)
F3, F8 belong to Isolated footing (0.9?0.9?0.5)
F5 belong to Combined Isolated footing (4.4?1.9?0.9)
F6 belongs to Shoe footing equivalent to Plain footing (1.5?1.5?0.8)

Here, various types of mesh (reinforcement) in footings are applied following the design.

Footings F1, F4, F7:- (Plain Footings) OR Bar Bending Schedule for Plain Footings:-

Plain mesh is chosen for F1, F4, F7 footings
Ensure that exact Concrete cover should have been used for the reinforcement in Footings so that corrosion does not occur.
The dimensions of Footing F1 are 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.9 (Length x Breadth x Depth)
Choose Dia 16mm @ 100mm C/C in X Bars
Choose Dia 12mm @ 100mm C/C in Y bars

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Bar Bending Schedule for footings / Computation of Steel reinforcement in footings