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Brief overview of BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement System

BAMTEC carpet reinforcement system is the most progressive and composite reinforcement system.

BAMTEC carpet reinforcement system curtails the time for construction significantly as well as minimizes the cost of building as it offers consistent speed for settling reinforcement bar.

The BAMTEC reinforcement system has the similarity with lose bar reinforcement that is set or packed into a roll.

BAMTEC Slab Reinforcement System - Given below, brief description of BAMTEC slab reinforcement system:

• BAMTEC carpet reinforcement
• Benefits of BAMTEC carpet reinforcement system
• Design of BAMTEC slab reinforcement
• Production of BAMTEC carpet reinforcement
• Installation of BAMTEC carpet reinforcement

BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement: Traditional ribbed reinforcement steel bars are used in BAMTEC carpet which can be easily welded. Different types of bars with 8 mm to 32 mm diameters are utilized to build up BAMTEC carpet reinforcement.

The BAMTEC carpet reinforcement is transmitted to construction site containing length up to 15 m and up to 35m is possible to roll out. The length and distance of steel bars fluctuate according tp the needs of the design.

So, BAMTEC carpet reinforcement is applied for slabs having openings, non-rectangular slabs, and slabs on which various loadings are enforced. Due to utmost complexity, advanced design software containing relatively or fully automated production machine is essential to fullfill the requirements of the BAMTEC system.

Steel bars in BAMTEC carpet reinforcement are maintained in place or welded to small size steel strip.

Benefits of BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement System

• This system is economical, because in finite element analysis a detailing software is incorporated and manufacturing robotics are integrated in BAMTEC system, around 75% of materials which are used in cut and bent reinforcement are required in this system. This happens because of finite element minimizes prefabricated reinforcement that is arranged by the BAMTEC reinforcement system and inevitably waste of material will greatly reduce.

• Accurateness and quality is significantly improved
• Construction is done rapidly
• There various bar diameters and spacing
• No need for on-site checking of fixed reinforcement

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Brief overview of BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement System