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Agile Construction Management

Agile project methods and construction management do not make a good pair together as the Agile development started in the software industry and rotate around continuously to check and adapt the outputs as per the changes in the market. Without the same pressures as physical buildings, the software can be built and destroy with considerable flexibility. Buildings have to follow more definite procedures such as the third floor can only be built when the second one is strong enough. Agile construction management offer benefits in construction to use them appropriately.

Building on the Agile Model: Some key features of Agile Project management are described here:

• Alignment of the project outputs as per the requirements of the customer
• Need a clear goal in the project
• It breaks a challenge or project into small fragments to complete it in case of highest priority downwards
• Take continuous reviews about progress and improvement from the reviews and apply them in the project to make it better
• Can give a clear explanation in case a task or activity gets over
• Increment in team’s intelligence and get more knowledge about teamwork and collaboration throughout the different parts of the project

The points above are also applicable for Agile Project Management in Construction.

A bit of Agile that can’t be used: A distinct thing does not proceed in Agile project management software and it is possible here to postpone a big design decision or step to a backward stage in project execution. But in the construction process it is not a good style of work as construction is need to be completed before any other step can be taken.

Agile Construction Management in the Pre-design and design phases: Agile construction management brings some benefits in the design phase of a construction project by applying the above points:

• It raise the customer involvement by inspiring the participation of customers in project deliverable definition
• It decrease the uncertainty and increase in the management of project risks by reducing the complexity of the projects into the easier way to manage subprojects
• Hike the accuracy and confidence for the cost estimating in a construction project
• They use prefabricated assemblies greatly while making the construction projects like assembling projects where weather have less effect.

Agile Construction Management in the Execution phase: Construction for its consecutive step-based nature should be simple in practice and the complexity can sneak in later. In a construction project, a contractor is needed to use various materials for quick because the availability of specifying by one architect who will be there at that time is not possible. Sometime may the site or resources be blocked and many problems can come up; at that time, construction tasks can be handled by improvising the time and the result will be difficult to record project schedules and manage difficult path activities. The things are listed below which can be helped by the Agile Construction management:

• Reduces the project delivery into smaller, the workable parts may not available to be recorded but that can be managed and tracked easily for completing.
• The time management is focused on a regular basis; continual reviews will take to make the financial management of the project better especially in the areas of productivity and profitability.
• A continuous improvement can be speed up by inspiring workers to team up and to give their encouragement back to the construction managers for doing the things better and faster.

Agile Construction Management

The growing role of Software in Construction: Besides Agile’s approached spring from software development, the software itself is a useful and necessary tool in many construction projects. The benefits of the software are:

• Construction project management programs with team collaboration
• Customer relationship management software as a help to get customers and stakeholders of all kinds involved
• Construction cost estimating software

In short it can be said that Agile can work out in the construction management and also useful for working and it is expected that more people will become a part in Agile management construction.

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