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We provide structural steel, architectural steel and reinforcing steel estimating services for different kinds of construction projects ranging from commercial, to industrial, to residential construction. We provide our services for rebar fabricators, concrete and general contractors and owners.

Besides offering manual material take-off, we also utilize high tech StruM.I.S structural steel estimating software and provide material takeoff with full extensions (weight, length, surface area, etc), and price material based on your local service centers and apply labor based on your labor rates to determine accurate steel construction costs.

We offer the following services for structural steel estimating Complete

Bill of Materials is cracked up in subsection to comprise such items as illustrated in the summary letter.

  • Column steel
  • Floor steel
  • Roof steel
  • Perimeter steel
  • Embed steel
  • Misc. details
  • Misc. Items such as canopy steel, elevator steel and ladders
  • Stair package
  • Handrails - given in Lineal footage only
  • Bolt Calculator
  • What we offer

  • We will arrange your take off by grouping steel by their grade.
  • Group your material per section or member type.
  • Continue grouping by method of tied connection.
  • Group structural steel by their location on the project.
  • Retain sequence of take off by columns and details.
  • Indicate the beams and details per floor.
  • Take off quantities for bracing and flooring under a separate area.
  • Remember to estimate the quantities of plates, connectors and accessories.

Recap by Type and Size

Take account of a breakdown of the necessary materials like anchor bolts, bolts count, stud count, structural size all weighted total lineal footage given, total weight of materials, weight of materials requiring galvanizing, total square footage of materials requiring painting.

Marked up set of Drawings (Architectural engineered drawings and Structural engineered drawings)

All items on drawings are provided with a particular mark detail number. This number is included in the bill of material detailing sheets All drawing materials which are taken off the plan drawings, contain bay lines/grid lines to specify its exact location, listed on the detailed bill of materials.

Estimating Procedure

Generally structural steel is priced by weight and we will assist you to identify with what sections are going to be used and the meaning of the lettering of structural sections. As for instance, the standard method for specifying the dimensions of an American Wide Flange Beam is, for example, W 6 x 25, which are 6 inches deep with a weight of 25 lb/ft.


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